Secondment Sabine Schmitt at Oroboros, Austria

Dr. Sabine Schmitt during her secondmet at Oroboros gave a Seminar  about the determination of H2O2 flux of isolated mitochondria induced by mitochondrially localized D-Amino Acid Oxidase as part of the mtFOEIGRAS project.

Secondments Antonella Cezza and Maria Ciannarella at APDP, Portugal

Antonella Cezza and Maria Ciannarella secondees from (UNIBA, Italy) performed one-month secondment at (APDP Diabetes,Poland) where they worked in collaboration with Dr. Paula Macedo, Dr. Rogeiro Ribeiro and Dr.Rita Andrade on accomplishing task 2.3. In their study, they have been confirming the presence of NAFLD in diabetic people and compared the evaluation of steatosis and … Read more

Secondments Rita Pereira and Jorge Beleza

Rita Pereira and Jorge Beleza from UPorto (Portugal) are doing their 3 months secondments at Oroboros Instruments (Austria). As the first part of their training, they attended the O2K workshop 114th International Workshop on High-Resolution Respirometry (HRR), which was held from January 20-23, 2020.

Secondment Eliane Menezes

Eliane Caseiro Menezes PhD student from Dr. Afshan Malik`s Lab (King’s College London, UK) was working with Dr. Andrea Normann at Mediagnost Gesell. f. Forschung und Herstellung v. Diagnostika GmbH (Mediagnost, 🇩🇪) to develop an ELISA for the detection of mitochondrial dysfunction from patient samples.

Meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia

Dr. Paulo Oliveira attended the Meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia from 8.11.2019 until 10.11.2019, where he gave a plenary lecture at the International workshop “Advances in analytical methods for monitoring food quality and safety”. The lecture was on “Over- and under-nutrition during pregnancy as a remodeling factor for liver and heart fetal mitochondria”.