Secondment Luciana Ferreira at Mediagnost, Germany

Luciana Ferreira a PhD student from CNC UC, Portugal was doing one month secondment at FOIE GRAS industry partner Mediagnost from Germany. There she got training on knowledge transfer strategies and IP affairs. 

Secondment Marco Lopuzzo at APDP, Portugal

Marco Lopuzzo student from UNIBA, Italy was performing one month secondment at patient association APDP Diabetes, Portugal. During his secondment he learned new skills in molecular diagnostic techniques analyzing patients`s samples.

Secondment Guida Bento- Oroboros, Austria

Guida Bento from CNC UC was doing a one-month secondment at Oroboros Instruments, Austria working in collaboration with Filomena Silva and Tímea Komlódi. The aim of their work was to unravel the effect of etomoxir on fatty acid oxidation in comparison to unspecific inhibitory side effects on mitochondrial respiration. Moreover, she was gaining experience with … Read more

Secondment Manuela Leinweber- KCL, UK

Manuela Leinweber from Mediagnost, Germany was for secondment at Dr. Afshan Malik`s lab at (King’s College London, UK working on methods to detect mitochondrial damage in human blood samples. During her secondment Manuela also attended a trans campus meeting at the Crick Institute, UK.

Outreach event – Centro Ciência Viva Rómulo de Carvalho, University of Coimbra

On 20 Jan 2019 Mireia Alemany Pagès (ESR13), Inês Simões (ESR1) and Paulo Oliveira (CNC UC)️ participated at the outreach event “Cells, Energy and Healthy Food” – Escola Ciência Viva, Centro Ciência Viva Rómulo de Carvalho, University of Coimbra, where via lecture and interactive games 20 children from 4th grade had an opportunity to learn … Read more

Secondment Margarida Coelho – Micro-biolytics, Germany

Margarida Coelho – CNC UC, Portugal is doing her secondment at micro-biolytics GmbH, Germany. Her work will contribute to the testing of the new IR-based technology to be used in selected samples from the patient cohorts. Also during her secondment she will get familiar with patient data analysis.

Secondment Rosa Hannah- APDP, Portugal

Rosa Hannah from King’s College London, UK was working at APDP Diabetes, Portugal as a part of the Project RISE FOIE GRAS secondment. During her secondment at APDP,  her work has involved planning for the measurement of mitochondrial DNA in patients with #diabetes and #NAFLD as an outcome measure for a future study at APDP. … Read more

Filomena Silva attended 13th Conference on Mitochondrial Physiology, Jurmala, Latvia

Filomena Silva from CNC UC, Portugal attended the 13th Conference on Mitochondrial Physiology: The role of mitochondria in health, disease and drug discovery – COST MitoEAGLE perspectives and MitoEAGLE WG and MC Meeting, which was held on 18-21 Sep 2018 in Jurmala Latvia. She presented her research results as an oral presentation, entitled “The unspecific … Read more

Secondment Janine Elit- NENCKI, Poland

Janine Elit from Mediagnost, Germany was on training for two months at NENCKI, Poland, in the laboratory of Dr. Mariusz Wieckowski. Her work was focused on finding the fast and reproducible methods to study the mitochondrial bioenergetics parameters and reactive oxygen species production in mice liver mitochondria and to study the impact of Western Diet … Read more

Secondment Paula Macedo- CNR, Italy

Dr.Paula Macedo (APDP Diabetes 🇵🇹️) spent one month at CNR, Italy, doing her secondment on different exploitation, dissemination and communication strategies. Her tasks were focused on translating the Project RISE FOIE GRAS scientific advances into social awareness and healthier lifestyles. In particular, to raise awareness and guide the implementation of concerted efforts to decrease the … Read more