MitoEAGLE Meeting, visit of Oroboros, Austria

On 20 and 21 May 2019 a MitoEAGLE WG1 and WG3 meeting was organized with representatives from the Medical University of Innsbruck, Oroboros and CNC at Biocant, Cantanhede, Portugal.

Dr. Eric Gnaiger from Oroboros Instruments (Innsbruck, Austria) gave a lecture at Biocant on COST MitoEAGLE, Evolution, Age, Gender, Lifestyle, Environment, – Mitochondrial Fitness Mapping – Quality management network.

Also, Dr. Eric Gnaiger and Tímea Komlódi (Oroboros, 🇦🇹) and Filomena Sgsilva (CNC, 🇵🇹) were organizers of the Pre-congress course MitoEAGLE COST Action: Mitochondrial fitness mapping – Quality management network, as a part of the 53rd ESCI Annual Scientific Meeting 2019 Coimbra, Portugal. on 22 May 2019.