Secondment Timea Komlodi- HMGU, Germany

Timea Komlodi ( Oroboros Instruments 🇦🇹️) was for 2 weeks secondment at (Helmholtz Zentrum München – HMGU 🇩🇪️) working in the laboratory of Dr. Hans Zischka.

The aim of her secondment was to isolate well-coupled mitochondrial fractions from liver cell lines (rat hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines-McA 7777) and investigate mitochondrial respiration and H2O2 production under environmental hypoxia and normoxia. Quantitative and accurate detection of ROS under hypoxic conditions remains challenging. She investigated the effect of various O2 concentrations on O2 flux and H2O2 flux in liver mitochondria isolated from liver cell lines and in permeabilized liver cells under well-controlled conditions. This measurement can serve as a reference and the protocols can be applied in measurements on mitochondria isolated from NAFLD/NASH cells.